A Law That Has Gone Wrong


I hope that the NRA, Gov. Jed Bush, the paranoid Florida shooter and the Florida legislators who help to enact and vote in this god awful "Stand your ground" law are happy to see what kind of results that it has created.

A dead 17 yr. old teenager walking home with his candy and iced tea.

How was this young man threatening?

You can not give this kind of power to just anybody. That is why we pay taxes and have "trained law enforcement."

And could someone explain why a regular average citizen needs to carry a "concealed" deadly weapon?

I am all for a person's right to bear arms and to defend one's self, but this was not the case. This poor child didn't have a chance against someone who was armed and twice his size. I believe the young man was the one that was threatened and pursued.

I hope this law is repealed and soon.

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