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As they sat wearing blue caps and gowns, the 2010 graduates of Frankfort High School were urged to “dream big” and strive to better their community.

That could mean volunteering at a place like the Kings Center or tutoring their classmates at college next fall, said Colman Elridge, executive assistant to Gov. Steve Beshear, in his commencement address.

“Take a vested interest in your community - the community you will inherit,” he told the 69 graduates seated in the Frankfort Convention Center Friday night.

“You inherit all of this at one point, and you can’t complain 20 or 30 years from now, if you didn’t do the work right now to get the community you want.”

Getting their diplomas was the first step toward that, he said. Education is a personal achievement, he explained, but it also improves the quality of life for everyone who lives in Frankfort and Kentucky.

“Life is the greatest classroom you will ever get,” he said. “If you take it from that perspective, no matter what comes your way, you can learn something from it.”

In her address, valedictorian Lakan Reed told her classmates that any day could change their lives forever – and graduation was one.

“So many people walk around with a meaningless life - they seem half asleep,” she said. “This is because they’re chasing the wrong things.

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

She urged her fellow graduates to set their goals high, live up to their potentials and “simply make the world a better place.”

Madelyn Gates was named salutatorian for earning the second-highest GPA throughout the four years.

Reed won the Murray Street Cup for being the overall best female student, as chosen by the staff. Brendan Jones got the Frankfort High School Cup for being the overall best male student, also selected by staff.

After the ceremony, social studies and English teacher Rose Arnold called the class an “extraordinary bunch of kids.” The class earned $610,000 in college scholarships.

“They’re go-getters, they are creative, imaginative, and they work hard,” she said. “With all the talk tonight about going after community involvement, I firmly believe they will.”

Arnold said the grads are headed toward many different paths. She said small class sizes at FHS have allowed her to get to know her students better.

“I really think they’ll be successful, and their success will vary,” she said. “They’re an amazing bunch.”

The 2010 graduates of Frankfort High School are:

Tyler Blake Ashley

Virginia Seemann Bickner

Jerry Garland Blankenship

La Michael Jashawn Boles

Shanice Mishea Brown

Jenna Marie Burton

Phillip Joseph Butler

Shauntelle Lanae Butler

Amy Alexa Blaine Carey

Stephanie Nicole Carpenter

Jacob Edward Clark

Tyler Mackenzie Coffey

Brittany Lynne Courtney

Kendra MeInitra Cummings

Mary Elizabeth Cunningham

John Richard Downey III

Jeffrey Alan Dunmire

Charles Lojun Edwards

Kyle Madison Eskue

Olivia Addison Estill

Chelsea Anne Feeback

Deshon Dale Jackson Floyd

Madelyn Gertrude Gates

Justin Alexander Giles

Andrew Jordan Goddard

Aaron Xavier Hall

Susan Marie Hudson

Madeline June Hutcherson

Glenda Renee Johnson

Brendan Ray Jones

Sarah Jacqueline Jones

Andrea Lyndsay Meagan Koontz

Arian Barnett Lane

Hannah Danielle LeCompte

Amber Kristen Lee

Jacqueline Elise Lee

Emily Lane Locker

Daniel Felipe Lopes Cortes

Tyler Dwight Mattison

Justin Allen Maxwell

Sophia Amara Minshall

Jalen Nicole Paige

Jerrica Darlene Paige

Emily Rachel Pelletier

Brish Edward Perkins

Anthony Joe Pullen

Lakan MaKenzie Reed

Marla Lynnette Rhodes

Cameron Wade Russell

Gabriela Caribe Santos

Jacob Colby Smith

Malcom Alvin Snipes Jr.

Emily Gayle Stewart

Jessica Lee Sutton

Meri Aberra Tesfai

Emily Elizabeth Thornton

Chandler Day Tidwell

Dwight Arman Tillman

Ian Douglas Ueltschi

John Garrett Walters

Marcus Elliott Washington

Dequantus Antron Weaver

Jessica Nicole Wiard

Cameron Scott Wilcoxson

Ethan Sullivan Williams

Zachary Scott Wilson

Kimber Lynn Woodrum

William Coty Ray Wynn

Brooke Lyddan Yancey

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